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‘COVID-19 has made us appreciate more than ever the important contribution that our early childhood educators and providers make to the lives of our children and Australian families.’ (Hon Dan Tehan MP, Minister for Education)

Read the Minister’s full statement here.

‘Research tells us that high quality education can change the trajectory of a child’s future. There is long term social and financial value in investing in early childhood education. At the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, we know it is essential for children to have access to high quality early education from birth, especially Indigenous children. We know that early learning matters.’ (Indigenous Literacy Foundation)

‘As an early childhood educator I am most proud when I see the children have built their own agency and independence through us providing a safe, playful, respectful supportive environment that celebrates each child’s sense of belonging! Always remember we are walking alongside children on their learning journey!’ (Kim Lavercombe)

‘Early learning matters to me because a child’s brain is more than a computer, of course, it’s organic and continually updating. Little brains that soon turn to improving the world outside. How powerful is that? A series of perpetually improving, organic brains. All building on the knowledge of everyone else to make the world a better place. What a gift! Don’t waste it!’ (Marina Spurgin)

‘Early learning matters to me because every child is unique & special. Being able to share in a child’s learning, inspire their inner sparkle & influence how this is supported makes my heart smile. Children need space to feel safe, secure & valued; to be seen & be heard, to be energized & supported to find calm.. Providing this, sets children up for a lifelong love of learning, how lucky am I?! (S Crobsy – educator)

‘0-5 years are critical, where the brain is developing and they are growing as individuals, so our work is critical to shape them as capable human beings’ (Wei Yuan, Educational Leader). ‘When children are empowered in their early learning, they initiate and lead their own learning, contributing to their own experiences and development’ (Hannah Mallen, Malabar Centre Manager) (Gowrie NSW)