Early Learning Matters this election

Get involved  

ECA is calling for a better deal for children this election to ensure that every young child is thriving and learning. We will be sharing key messages under the banner of Early Learning Matters this election, specifically: 

  • Access to Early Learning Matters: A high-quality, play-based ECEC place for every child where and when they need it. 
  • Affordability of Early Learning Matters: A simplified subsidy system that delivers affordable and predictable ECEC.  
  • Inclusion in Early Learning Matters: Well resourced systems and practices that put ECEC services in reach for all children and families.  
  • Stability of Early Learning Matters: A well supported and professionally paid workforce that are thriving in their work. 

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, what matters is that everybody hears the message that Early Learning Matters this election. Invite your friends, follower and local candidates to support this message so that everybody knows that Early Learning Matters this election! (Read more) 

Contact your local candidate

  1. Find your electorate here.
  2. Find your local candidates here.
  3. Write a letter to your local candidates by using the sample text provided to copy and paste into an email or letter.

Join with ECA to call on your federal election candidate to show that Early Learning Matters this election and share this message with your friends, family and social media followers.

Download and share the ‘Early Learning Matters this election’ digital assets

Use these resources to share the Early Learning Matters campaign message through your networks and help take it to all candidates in every electorate.

ELM this election social graphic 1640 x 720

ELM this election social graphic 1200 x 1200

ELM this election social graphic_access_1200 x 1200

ELM this election social graphic_access_option

ELM this election social graphic_affordability_1200 x 1200

ELM this election social graphic_affordability_option

ELM this election social graphic_stability_1200 x 1200

ELM this election social graphic_ stability _option

ELM this election social graphic_inclusion_1200 x 1200

ELM this election social graphic_inclusion_option

How to talk about early education and care

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